Dana was selected to help guide a leadership team, comprised of seasoned members and 3 new members, to align on what our mission, vision, values and executive behaviors meant to us so we could lead the company from the same playbook. Dana was able to listen and distill individual thoughts and help the group of leaders find agreement on how we would “show” up for our employees. What Dana brings to facilitation is her talents as a graphic facilitator along with her deep understanding of how to create an engaging and facilitated discussion that taps the expertise of the people in the room.

Jessica Amortegui
Executive Development

Dana is not only distinctly talented, she is an amazing thought partner to have on your side. She brings a perspective that is invaluable. You want Dana as your partner in whatever endeavor you are tackling — she will up your game!

paul bixler
director, labor relations
McLane company, inc.

Our company reached out to Dana because we had a lot of information from focus groups and surveys, but we really struggled to know what actions to take our employee engagement to the next level. We had lots of focus group information but translating that into action became a challenge. We were hoping to be able to get the managers and employees actually talking and getting to know each other on a real level. The idea was to really get them talking about the tough stuff, and we wanted a process to deliver it. After we started working with Dana, one of our sites saw employee engagement scores go up by 7% over a year. And when we look at the numerical values and the process we put in place, we can see that Dana’s process had a lot to do with it. We know that actions were truly taking place, whereas in normal survey work, we would look at it and wonder if the actions really happened or not. I would tell anyone looking to work with Dana that she has high energy and an incredible amount of intelligence that allows her to focus on the problems at hand. She hasn’t heard of a problem too big or too small to take apart and understand not only what to do with the process, but how to use that process to get actions

Head NA Supply Chain Operations

I have worked with Dana on different projects for many years. I have always have a very professional and personal experience, she has a very high Integrity, Quality and Service values. From designing to organizing and facilitating, Dana has brought a very dynamic approach to help me to find the right answer for the situations I need help with.
 Most recently, Dana lead my team on the design and implementation of a complete refreshed new onboarding program to teach new and current employees the culture of my organization in a fun, engaging and effective way. This process has transformed the way we do business.
Dana is a fantastic partner, I would recommend her, she is one of the top consultant I have worked with.