I'M dana! author, speaker, and ceo of take action inc.


I've been described as a “bundle of energy, personality and perceptive vision”, and through my speaking and coaching, I offer organizations the opportunity to take a holistic and action-oriented approach to their leadership, employee experience, and talent management. Over the last 20+ years, I have worked as an organizational development expert with global clients such as Deloitte Consulting, Mars, Inc., Sony, Disney, and Hewlett-Packard to spark discussion and drive lasting, meaningful impact. 

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The average American company spends over $4,000 to hire a single employee. Organizations that are transparent about their culture and values are not only able to reduce that cost of acquisition but also the need for change management planning. An effective talent management strategy sets the tone for an engaged and motivated employee, well beyond recruitment. Learn how to develop a purpose-driven culture and set of values from within and how to effectively showcase your employee experience to attract your ideal team members.

Creating a Culture that Attracts the Ideal Employee

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Managers manage things, leaders lead people. When it comes to employee experience, leaders have a massive impact on engagement and productivity. When a leader is inspiring their team, people are excited to be at work, ideas are welcome, innovation is encouraged, and employee retention is high. By understanding how to develop successful leaders, you can empower you entire organization.

What Makes a Successful Leader?


Many organizations understand the importance of improving their customer’s experience, but the customer’s experience is directly impacted by the employees within the organization. Through understanding the meaning of employee experience, audiences will explore the ripple effects and benefits of engaged employees and how to take employee engagement a step further than annual surveys.

Creating an Amazing Employee Experience that Drives Engagement

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Dana created space for us to explore and celebrate where we had been as individuals so that we could be acknowledged and then move onto who we wanted to be as a new team. The effects were immediate! 4 months later, we are a high performing team. 


"She skillfully engendered fully engaged, passionate discussions among team members expressing conflicting needs ultimately resulting in unwavering support for the final findings by a unified task force.”


Working with her was a pleasure from start to finish: she was a professional from the beginning, working with me and my planning team to design the event to help us achieve our goals. Her creativity helped make the event memorable and a great success. We used her the following year based on the success of the first event.